Colored Pants

Every time I go thrift shopping I am always looking for colored pants, yet I am usually unsuccessful.  One time I found a pair of pink pants, but the cost of having them tailored made them anything but affordable.  I have almost given up on finding the perfect pair of colored pants or printed silk pants at a thrift store.  Luckily, J. Crew’s fall line is full of great colored pants.

New café capri in wool

New café capri in wool

Are you craving any colored pants?



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10 responses to “Colored Pants

  1. I saw those mustard pants and thought of you! I bought the bright flame colored Minnies for back-to-school. Minnies are the perfect wear-to-work pants for me.

  2. Umm, most definitely, especially after seeing all of those colors at J. Crew. I’m really on the lookout for something in orange and that first pair you posted after seeing a picture of one of my style icons wearing something similar.

  3. those are going to look great on you! If their pants fit as well as their shorts this summer I might just attempt Jcrew pants for the first time

  4. Great finds! I just thrifted perfect fuchsia linen mix pants! I’ve been looking for ages for pants like that!

  5. Colored pants are something that I ALWAYS look for at thrift stores and never, ever find. These J.Crew ones are great – I may have to just pay retail.

  6. love the violet color–beautiful!

  7. I might have to have a couple of those bright pants! I have a pair of Minnie’s and they are super cute/comfy.

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  9. I loved these in their online preview and now that I see them on real people, I love them even more!! Get them!!!

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