Travel Outfit

I am headed to the airport today for a family beach vacation.  While I have banned jeans and pants for regular wear until it cools down, I always wear jeans on a plane.  I really don’t like my legs (or anyone else’s!) showing on a plane.  I know it might seem strange, but this is how I feel.  My standard outfit: oversize top, slim jeans, and my bulkiest shoe that I am bringing on vacation with me.  Wearing my bulkiest shoe frees up extra space in my suitcase–and who doesn’t need that?  So, what do you wear on a plane? Please don’t tell me you wear pajamas.  Those are for bed.  Not for travel.

Target top, J Brand jeans, and Old Navy shoes.



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6 responses to “Travel Outfit

  1. have a safe journey and a great vacay! though my plane outfits are not pajamas, they seem to always evoke a full body pat down at airport security–it looks like you will not have to suffer the same fate! 🙂

  2. Those might be jeans, but they are white, so you just look classy and comfy! Have a great time, Sydney!!

    • Thanks, Val! That was my goal. I already got my pants dirty, so the classy part is out the window. I am focusing on the comfy part, now.

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  3. Have fun!!! I go for loose, comfy clothing that doesn’t wrinkle too much and usuallly a shoe that can slip on and off without much fuss. Pajamas are never an option!!

  4. I wear leggings, a tunic and some flats…. or Vans. Yeah, I’m classy like that 🙂

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