Saturday was our first pop-up shop for  I made the mistake of wearing heels.  I wear heels almost every day, so I figured no big deal.  Uh, not so much.  After setting up our shop, working four hours, and breaking down our shop, I thought the gnarled nubs that were once  my feet were going to fall off.  I also learned that retail is hard, yo.  Regardless, it was a blast.  I got to spend time with my clients, friends, new friends, and the lovely, Kendi, Linda, Cathy, Amy, Anslee and Laurel.  Our next date is already in the works!

3.1 Phillip Lim sweater, thrifted skirt, UO shoes, Dannijo jewelry.

  Grechen, Sharon, and I.

This is my face after working all day.  Would you buy vintage from this face? No?  Well, then do you like my new Dannijo necklace?



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  1. You posted the picture! I would buy vintage from this face!! 🙂 I’ll get you some bright white tennis shoes to wear for our next shop 🙂 or CROCS!

  2. Love that Dannijo necklace!!! And, honestly, that’s the look I have on my face all of the time! (is is wonderment or confusion??? lol…)

  3. i love that face sydney 🙂

  4. I would totally buy vintage from you and your face.

    And that Dannijo necklace is fabulous!

  5. I did buy vintage from that face (well it was early in the day when I came, so maybe not that exact face) and had the best time! I even blogged about one of my purchases today! Thanks for helping put together since a great event Sydney. I’m excited for the next one!

  6. Holly

    Girl, love those shoes with that skirt. What a great color combo!

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