Floral Shorts

Every time I pull these floral shorts on my husband says, “Please don’t wear those.  Please.”  He hates anything floral and deems it grandma-ish.  And not in a granny chic way, either. Sometimes I oblige and take them off.   You would think the short hemline would help these out in his head, but it doesn’t.

Yesterday, since I was going to run errands without him, I pulled them on.  I happen to love them.  The watercolor floral print makes me happy. While I know I don’t dress in a man repelling way, I know sometimes I dress in a husband repelling way.

The whole look is Forever 21.  Topped off with a little Chanel for good measure.



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17 responses to “Floral Shorts

  1. Ha! I love them! I would totally be having the same situation, my hubby hates my shorts, don’t quite know what they ever did to him, but i love them regardless!
    Lovely outfit. Sometimes women prefer to dress for the appreciation of other women, cos men are rubbish lol!!

  2. They are awesome! And not grandma-ish in any way! Silly boys, my b/f would have said the same thing too though.

  3. Tiffany

    You did good by not listening to him 🙂 You look super cute! I live about an hour north of you, and at this point, whatever you can do to keep yourself cool and happy, go for it!

  4. I LOVE your outfit! Tell Mike we’re bringing grandma-chic back!

  5. High-low. Great way to dress. And you look comfy and cute. My hubby would say the same thing! (what is it with men and florals? Maybe too Oedipal??? lol…)

    • Maybe. I had on a floral dress and he said, “You know how I feel about that flower dress.” I replied with, “It is Rebecca Taylor.” For some reason that meant nothing to him.

  6. I love those shorts and think that the way you styled them makes it all look a bit youthful (not in a teenager kind of way, but sophisticated young woman). Plus, the length is on the shorter side and that helps.
    Your husband should be glad you don’t go full on man-repeller with your outfits, lol.

  7. Love those fun shorts…great how you grounded them with the flat sandals and the solid top…men just don’t get style sometimes…

  8. I think you look lovely. I would wear the exact same outfit. Tell your husband that you could be wearing acid washed overalls with one strap undone. Just sayin’!

  9. J.

    LOVE the print! And you totally pull them off! I’m typically not a big shorts fan but I really like these!

  10. I happen to love floral shorts as well! So there. My husband wont let me wear my weird flowing harem/hammer/genie pants, if it makes you feel any better…

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