White Dress

I have worn this white dress multiple times this summer. It has quickly become an easy go-to piece that can easily be dressed up or down.   Yesterday, I had a meeting with a client to help her pack for Greece.  Needless to say, I was a bit jealous of her exotic upcoming vacation.  Wouldn’t you love to be prepping for Greece?  Yeah, me too.

Steven Alan dress, necklace from Touch of Sass, Forever 21 sandals.

Grandmother’s ring, Kevia stack-able rings,  combo of bangles.



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11 responses to “White Dress

  1. I have to ask a maybe-gross question. I’ve wanted to get a little white dress for sometime, but I am sure that I will leave armpit stains. How do you wear (especially in that Austin heat) and keep it so pristine?

  2. that dress is sooooo awesome. love your jewelry!

  3. Your white dress would be perfect for Greece! Are you sure you can’t fit in her suitcase???

  4. That dress is perfection, I love the shape as well as all of that yummy jewelry you have on.

    I was looking at pictures of Santorini yesterday and wanted to cry because it is beautiful and I want to be there. I can’t wait to visit Greece one day.

  5. Ann

    I would love to hear any packing tips. I am off to Southeast Asia and Hawaii for six weeks and am only bringing a backpack. This is causing major stress!

  6. Cola

    I am thinking of getting that dress – but it’s final sale (hate that!) and I’m a little unsure of sizing. How does it fit compare to other steven alan clothes? I’m 5’7″ 125lbs and sometimes a small in steven alan (some dresses) and sometimes a medium (in the reverse seam shirts) Thanks for your help!

    • You are thinner than I am, but I would still go with a medium if you are at all busty. I tried on the small and it squashed my chest (and I am a small B ). Hope that helps!

      Sent from my phone. Please excuse any mistakes.

      • Cola

        Not at all busty but I have wide ribs. So medium it will be if I decide to go for it. Thanks for the info!

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