Your Face Looks Like Your Skirt

Ladies, don’t be jealous.  I received the best compliment today.  Before leaving for a meeting with a client, my husband said, “Your face looks like your skirt.”  I, of course being confused by such lovely words and fearing I had paint dripping down my face, tilted my head and said, “Huh?”  And he replied, “You know, colorful.  You look pretty.”

If you want your significant other, and of course, all mankind, to think you look pretty,  put on blush, eye shadow, AND lip gloss.  The lip gloss is key.  You have to have lots of colors on your face.  Without the lip gloss, you are not colorful.  How boring.

Vintage top that I wore yesterday, Banana republic skirt and shoes, Forever 21 necklace, Channel bag.



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7 responses to “Your Face Looks Like Your Skirt

  1. Men say the weirdest things!! But they do it out of love for us…so, I guess we’ll keep ’em! (love that BR skirt–I’ve been watching for it online and never see it. Haven’t looked in-store yet.)

  2. I love those chic shoes and your statement necklace in white over the white tee. It adds an interesting texture to a simple summer look. Love!

    Lindsay Living

  3. He phrased that compliment in a very interesting way. 🙂

    I love the colors of your skirt, so vibrant!!

  4. You have to check on that Cynthia Vincent jacket. It looked so good with your skirt!

  5. that’s the funniest compliment ever 🙂 love that cropped top on you–glad it worked out!

  6. LOL Men certainly have funny ways of complimenting. It’s so cute the things they come up with. Love the skirt, by the way!! – Katy

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