Pool Party

You know those magazine articles that suggest you wear wedges, a fabulous maxi dress and a big floppy hat to pool parties?  I always scoff at those articles.  Who wears wedges and a wonderful maxi dress to a pool party?  Apparently people do.  I went to one of those kinds of pool parties on Saturday.  Everyone was looking fabulous, and I wore this.

This is my standard pool party/boating outfit.  Shorts, a long -sleeved shirt, sandals, and a hat.  I was a little under-dressed, to say the least. And I was the only one drinking Target wine juice boxes.  I am fancy.



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9 responses to “Pool Party

  1. You look comfy, Sydney!! I’m with you. I would drink a Target wine juice box with you!!! Happy 4th!

  2. From here on out, I will invite you to every pool party I have. I too wear shorts and sandals…… plus you bring wine boxes!! You are the classiest lady I know 🙂

  3. What’s wrong with a Target juicebox?! I never dress up to pool parties either. The host/hostess should make it clear by declaring it a “pool” party or a “too cool” party. Can’t wait to see you on Thursday!

  4. i WANT THAT BAG!!!:) happy holiday!

  5. well everyone knows wine in juice boxes is the new hip thing.
    and i’m with you about pool parties–sandals, shorts, and a cover up. i’d feel a bit much wearing wedges to the pool!

  6. I think your pool party outfit is great…love those shorts and that fun bag!! wine in juice boxes…the only way to drink wine!!
    Love your blog!

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