New Camera

My new camera finally came in!  I still went with a point and shoot because I am aware that I will not learn how to properly use an SLR, nor will I lug it around with me.  Want to see the difference in quality?

Here is a picture using my old camera:

I was wearing this exact outfit Friday when my camera came in.  Yes, I wear the exact same outfits over again.  Sometimes over and over again.  It is easy!

Detail shot:

While it is no SLR, I am happy so far!

What do you think?



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6 responses to “New Camera

  1. J.

    Nice difference! Do you love it? I might need lessons from you! I’ve been thinking about a new camera for a while but I’m also aware that I know very little about photography and a “nicer” camera might just be lost on me…

  2. I have the s90, and I love it! 🙂 the colors are so much crisper. Love the pattern on your dress!

  3. I’m so technologically inept that nothing can help me. Personally, I thought you did a great job with you old camera, too. But the colors are really sharp on the fabric (cute dress, btw!).

  4. The new camera makes everything look more vivid and sharp. That dress is fabulous!
    Love your blog!!

  5. I just found your blog and I had to say: Canon is the best! I have the G9 and it’s amazing – I’m a loyal brand fan now. Love that dress and the pattern, also love your bangles!

  6. Love the pic and the dress! What kind of camera are you using? I just started my own blog and I haven’t taken outfit pics yet.

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