Not an Outfit Post

Last week I worked an event for women going through divorce.  I spoke to them about must-have pieces, places to shop while on a budget, answered general questions, and gave overall fashion tips.  I also had the opportunity to meet individually with each woman and her three favorite outfits.  In our individual meetings I focused on each client’s need.  Some were wanting to know what shapes looked good on them.  Others were curious about what to wear when one starts dating again.  Some were interested in cleaning house and starting fresh.  All wanted to feel good about themselves and the way they looked.

It was utterly rewarding for me.   I got the opportunity to help a few women feel good about themselves and feel confident in their looks again. Every woman, no matter her shape, size, or situation deserves to feel good in her own skin.  Better than good.  Great.  That night I was allowed to help a few get closer to feeling great again.

What I want to know is what has been rewarding for you lately?  Was it something small?  Something big?  Did you you help someone get over a bad day through a smile or a hug?  What did you do recently that made you feel good about what you do professionally or what you do in your personal life?  I would love to hear it!



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3 responses to “Not an Outfit Post

  1. I’m so happy to hear that you’re a person that “gives back.” It doesn’t surprise me at all about you, Sydney! You’re just that kind of person. How neat to be able to see that you were lifting up these women in times of struggle!

    The most rewarding thing I’ve done lately is stay overnight with my niece, Sarah (16) at the hospital while she is undergoing treatment for her leukemia. My brother is just worn-out, physically and emotionally. We had such a fun “girl’s night” watching movies, me buying her Fritos from the vending machine (she can have junk food because they want her to gain weight!), and just laughing at clips of shows from her Ipad. Things aren’t going so well, and I would appreciate any prayers or thoughts to God for her healing from this horrible disease. Thanks! xox

    • It sounds like you had a wonderful time with your niece. I am sure she so appreciated having you there to support her and distract her for the evening. Watching a child go through treatment for a disease is very difficult. You and your family will be in my thoughts.

  2. This reminds me of the time I spent working with Dress for Success. I absolutely loved helping those women who were fleeing abusive marriages, had just come out of jail or were abandoned by their husbands. It was the best thing I could have done.

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