Sick of Stripes?

No?  Good.  Me either.

Target shirt and skirt, Forever 21 sandals.

Apparently the ground is VERY interesting.

Forever 21 jacket and top, Madewell shorts, Urban Outfitters shoes.



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8 responses to “Sick of Stripes?

  1. ooooo is that red-ish top by Mossimo? Did not know it came in that color–must get it!

  2. J.

    I can’t believe that’s a Target skirt! It’s really really good! And no, not tired of stripes!

  3. I like the top color combo, something I never would’ve put together. I’m going to try it more often. Stripes rock!

  4. How could anyone be tired of stripes?! Both outfits are great, as usual!

  5. I’m loving stripes…especially when they’re a little off kilter like the first skirt. I love that kind of painted detail. So classic! =)

  6. mamavalveeta03

    Never, ever, ever sick of stripes!!!

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