Black and Brown and too Many Dresses

Black and brown, according to some, don’t go together.  I completely disagree. I think it looks great and wear them together quite frequently.   I have too many black dresses.  Really.  I counted my dresses the other day and I have over a hundred. Like137 to be exact. I think 20 of them are black. Whoa.   Seriously. Who needs that many?  No one.      It is time for some MAJOR purging.  My dress collection has gotten out of hand and something must be done.

Thanks for all who commented regarding my Dannijo necklace. I STILL can’t decide. I am hoping to decide this weekend.

MMartin and Osa dress, Old Navy wedges, vintage belt, Anthropologie jacket.



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6 responses to “Black and Brown and too Many Dresses

  1. Mamavalveeta03

    It’s a chic combo, and it works, plain and simple!

  2. I love black and brown together – I think it looks very chic but less severe than all black and less boring than all brown.

  3. I completely disagree- there is no such thing as too many dresses!

  4. Black dresses are a STAPLE, but going through everything would probably remind you of some gems you forgot you had!

    I used to be one of those people that didn’t think black and brown went together (or for that matter, navy and brown or navy and black) and now I am a proud brown and black mixer. This outfit is great!

  5. I can’t believe I just read you have over 100 dresses!!! Do you still have tags on any of them?
    I’m sitting here a little envious over the fact that you even have that much closet space.

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