Awkward Comment while Wearing Jorts

I wore a version of this outfit twice this past week. Once on Sunday to the the plant store where I ran into Sharon, and once on Monday to run errands.

On Monday, I was at Costco when a woman working there said, “I love that color!  I have a shirt just like that, but mine isn’t silk. And, when I wear mine people tell me I look more Mexican.  You don’t have that problem.”  Uhhhhhhhhhh.  What does one say to that?  What does that even mean?  Do certain colors make you look more Hispanic/Asian/Caucasian/Whatever ethnicity you are.  And since when is that a problem?

Should I have said, ” Well, my father’s family is Hispanic. Soooooooooooo.  I would like it if people said that to me. ”  Instead, I smiled at her and then loaded my gallon of olive oil up on the conveyor belt.  What do you do when you get awkward weird comments.  Do you smile and nod or say something? I smiled.  What would you have done?

Also, does it make it even more awkward to receive awkward comments while wearing  jorts that you normally wouldn’t wear because you think they are too short, but just went with it anyways?  I think so.

Thrifted silk shirt, handmade jorts, Nine West sandals, Forever 21 earrings, Tory Burch bag.



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13 responses to “Awkward Comment while Wearing Jorts

  1. you kill me.
    and i miss you a ton…can’t wait to see you tomorrow!!

  2. Julia Bradbury

    OMG You look so cool wearing your Jeansshorts and your top is a perfect accompaniment.

  3. Once I was approached by a guy who was very insistent that I do NOTHING to change the size of my ass. “Your boyfriend probably wants it smaller, but real men like big, bouncy asses.”

    I’m still not sure how I feel about the comment (uh, thanks?), but I responded to him the same way you responded to in your situation: an awkward, uncertain smile. Works like a charm!

  4. I can teach you how to give weird looks to people who offer unsolicited advice or compliments.

    I love your jorts outfit–pairing it with a button down makes it seem more vacation chic 🙂

  5. Mamavalveeta03

    I am always torn between telling them the truth and watching them squirm or just smiling and seethe inside. I do feel we have an obligation to confront racism when we run into it, but I guess how you do it is what counts. And you have to choose the right moments. (btw, she sounds like she’s related to Michael Scott on “The Office”–He always used the word “Mexican” as if it were a racial slur–duh!!!)

    • Val, you are so right. You do have to confront racist statements carefully when you encounter them. I really wasn’t sure how to react. I am assuming she was Hispanic, but maybe not from Mexico. It was an interesting interaction!

  6. When I wear a kimono people say I look more Asian.

  7. Camille

    You looks fabulous in those jorts! That color does look wonderful on you as well! I was unaware we had certain colors for whichever ethnicity we were… I guess I better find a color for my ethnicity so as not to confuse anyone in Costco as to who I am and where I came from!

  8. You look lovely in red and I like your jorts very much.

    I’m not aware that there are colors that may enhance one’s ethnicity, but I actually quite conscious of how certain patterns might exaggerate my ethnicity. Or make someone assume I’m a different ethnicity all together. That being said, that was a completely random comment for a stranger to make.

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