90’s Slip Dress

I have been on the hunt for slip dresses lately.  I wanted a black and a printed slip dress.  I am still on the hunt for the perfect black slip dress, but found the printed one a couple weeks ago.  Slip dresses are the perfect day-t0-night piece.  For night, they are perfect just on their own.  For day, I like to add a jacket or grandpa cardigan to take away from the sheen.  I am also still not quite convinced that this is in fact a dress.  It could be an actual slip/night gown.  Who knows.

I am assuming this dress/night gown/slip  is from the 90s because I had a long dress that was almost identical.   That, and the fact that is  covered in tiny sunflowers.  Small flowers = 90s.  Right?  Super technical analysis of this pieces, huh?  What are you on the hunt for right now?

Halogen jacket, slip dress from Gucci Goodwill, vintage belt, Old Navy wedges, Stella and Dot necklaces.


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6 responses to “90’s Slip Dress

  1. That looks like a dress because it would be a shame to hid a dress like that. Very pretty!!

    I’m on the hunt for a million different things, but I would love some lightweight blazers and really cute blouses.

  2. Mamavalveeta03

    Love the blazer with the dress. Somehow, I always have trouble pulling-off that look. Not sure why….
    I am on the hunt for a new maxi skirt. Something a little more flowy than my James Perse straight skirt. Maybe a little chiffon, or maybe just jersey.

  3. You will have to get the 81 Poppies Anne dress! its the perfect updated slip dress! http://81poppies.com/wp-content/gallery/fall-2011/05_IMG_5983_05.jpg

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