Papaya Dress

I have been on the hunt for a 30th birthday dress.  It is less than a month away, and I want a great dress.  I thought this papaya Ali Ro dress might be it, but I think I found something even better.  So, I wore it to a new client meeting on Saturday.  Do you think about what you will wear to your birthday months in advance?  Am I alone here?

Again, my pictures came out dark.  I had about 2 minutes to get these done before I had to be out the door.  How do some always get perfect pictures with perfect lighting?  I really wonder sometimes.  I usually have about 5 minutes to get a shot it, and it is usually not when the sun is perfect. Oh well.

Forever 21 jacket, Ali Ro dress, Banana Republic shoes.



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5 responses to “Papaya Dress

  1. pretty dress! can’t wait to see your birthday outfit!

  2. Love this with the blue!! I’m totally on board with thinking about a bday outfit well in advance. You should always wear something special that makes you feel happy. 🙂

  3. This is a fun color for a party. Based on what you’ve said, your hubby will want some vavavavoom:) Seems that it would be easy to glam up.

  4. I love this combo! And I always start my birthday outfit shopping wayyy in advanced- you’re not alone.

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