Olive Green Jacket Again

Like I have said before, I am obsessed with this jacket– it seems to go with everything.  Surprisingly, I have gotten a lot of use out of this dress, too.  I bought it at Banana Republic several years ago, and it has been a dress I reach for every season.

Many of my clients think that certain colors or fabrics are season specific.  While this is true for fabrics like linen and tweed, I think many colors and materials can be worn all year long with the right styling.  In the fall, I wear this with boots and a thicker cardigan.  I try to make many of my dresses work all season long to get the most out of my wardrobe.

So, when shopping do you try to pick pieces that can be worn year round?

Banana Republic dress, Halogen jacket, Old Navy wedges, vintage belt, and J Crew/ Forever 21 necklaces.



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2 responses to “Olive Green Jacket Again

  1. Julia Bradbury

    Hi, I’ts nice and sunny over where you are and your Outfit is fab but I’d like to see you wearing your Wellies once in a while, it seems such a long time since you last wore them and you look so good in them.
    In England where I live the weather sucks and I put my Wellies on every time I go out.

  2. The jacket is great. I love items that seem to just go with everything.

    I’m the same way about clothes. I have “winter” clothes, but for my dresses I look for ones with dark backgrounds that can work over several seasons.

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