I have professed my love for Goodwill multiple times on this blog.  But there is something that frustrates me greatly about Goodwill:  if an item still has its original tag on it, they mark up the price considerably.  Which was the case for the skirt.  This seems unfair to me.  And this irritates me.  Greatly.

Also, their prices seem to be rising a bit too, which irritates me as well.  And, for the record, this doesn’t irritate me because I have to haul out an extra dollar or two for my skirt.  It irritates me because while I don’t have to shop at Goodwill, there are those that do, and I feel like their prices are steep for those that need to shop there.  As I write this I wonder if I should be stealing all the great things from those that need it…….  So, there is my beef with Goodwill.  But I love you anyway, Goodwill.  What are your thoughts on this?

A pleather jacket from some local boutique, J. Crew top/necklace , Goodwill skirt, and Aldo Shoes.



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8 responses to “Ikat

  1. i’m with you 100% on goodwill prices. however, the upside of goodwill’s bizarre pricing is that sometimes they’ll mark up some piece of crap from wet seal and some gorgeous vintage number will be a few hangers away, for mere dollars.
    this skirt is terrific, though! even if it cost more than goodwill should charge…

  2. Mamavalveeta03

    Hmmm…I can see your point. Could it be that the cost of gas for their trucks has risen and pick-up costs more so they are passing on the cost to the consumer? (I always try to give people the benefit of the doubt) Not sure. But then again…our Goodwill is NOT the gucci goodwill!!

  3. I definitely find that irritating. I’ve seen Gap and Target items marked up, some things are even around the $10-15 mark. But like you said, the flip side is finding Nanette Lepore for $3 and J Crew for about $8, so it’s a trade off.
    I usually just stay away from the marked-up budget store items and go for real vintage and the passed up designer goods.

  4. I agree that Goodwill’s prices are rising – it seems like all the thrift stores in my areas are raising their prices. And for me, because I don’t *have* to shop there, yes, it’s less of a big deal. But, it does bother me for those who depend on thrift stores because they can’t afford to shop elsewhere, it drives me crazy.

  5. Wholeheartedly think that Goodwill caught onto our willingness to pay albeit a bit more than we wanted for that cute piece. Btw-love that skirt-good score. Do you visit the one on Lake Austin? Or is there another one I should know about?

  6. I have to say some of my most favorite pieces have come from the goodwill. And when you find that diamond in the ruff it’s surely is priceless. Love your skirt! great find:)


  7. I know what you mean! but a lot of times it really depends on the people marking the prices. Like the past commenters have said, I’ve often seen stuff from Forever 21/Old Navy marked higher than some more obscure and nicer brands just because they are more well known and “trendy.” Do your Goodwills have the “fashion Forward” sections? They always mark up the prices ridiculously in that section, and they are never part of the additional 50% off sales.

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