Striped Skirt

Did everyone have a good weekend?  Mine was spent thrifting, and then I went to the lake with friends.  Pretty much wonderful.

I picked this skirt up from Target a couple of months ago, but never got around to wearing it.  I am really liking the non traditional stripes on this skirt.  And, I am obsessed with this necklace.  And, my hair was beyond flat last week.  And I make strange faces.   It was great.

Skirt and top from Target, Touch of Sass necklace, Old Navy shoes.


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9 responses to “Striped Skirt

  1. Love that skirt–so cute & it looks great on you!

  2. I almost got that skirt! We could’ve been twinzzzzzz! Love the outfit 🙂

  3. Thumbs up on that skirt!!!
    FYI, I finally got a chance to go thrifting this weekend and made out like a bandit in skirts and shorts. No Gucci found this time, but I really like my purchases. 🙂

  4. Mamavalveeta03

    I am SO afraid of horizontal stripes on my bottom half….it’s called “Nether nether land”. You look SO great in that skirt!! I have been searching high and low for a slightly below knee length skirt, maybe something A-line or fuller, to wear for summer. I found one on American Apparel’s website, but their sizing runs kind of small for me. Also, saw one on Urban Outfitters, but I’ve never bought clothes from them (only accessories, home stuff, etc.). Do you know of any???

  5. Love the stripes on this skirt. This is one I wanted but at my height it was a bit too short. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend!

  6. i loooove that skirt! especially with that top!

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