Comfort Level

First off, thank you for all your sweet comments yesterday.  I told the story of overhearing women talking about the length of my shorts because it made me realize that I wasn’t comfortable.  And that is what is important, right? Yesterday I wore them poolside at a downtown hotel during a mini staycation my husband and I were indulging in.  And you know what?  I felt great.   I loved them as a cover-up for my swimsuit, and I am pretty sure that is where those shorts will stay.  Lesson learned:  wear only those items that make you feel comfortable and like yourself.

In other news, I got an ipad 2.  Got any great apps that I need to buy? I am new to the Apple world and would love suggestions.

Oh, and this is what I wore on Easter.  I spent the day in a friend’s backyard, playing bags, hunting for Easter eggs, and drinking mimosas.  Why can’t all Sundays be like that?

 Wearing a Halogen skirt from Goodwill, Forever 21 top, Newport News sandals, and Stella and Dot bracelets.



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7 responses to “Comfort Level

  1. Mamavalveeta03

    So cute (you and your color blocking! I’ve just GOT to try it!!) and chic. And, my friend is a MAJOR Goodwill shopper and always finds great stuff–I am vowing, publicly, to go with her and find something great!!!

  2. You make a good point: sometimes the things other people say about us hurt because we disagree. Sometimes they hurt because we agree and were already out on a limb. I’m glad that you were comfortable somewhere in those shorts, but there’s no reason to wear them when you’re not.

  3. You’re so good a color blocking, it kills me. In a good way. I want so badly to try it but then I never do. That is probably the one thing I’m determined to do this summer style-wise. (Non-style-wise, I want to learn to windsurf).

  4. I’ve been struggling with a few too-short items I wound up not purchasing. I worry that I’m “too old” for certain looks (I’m only 36). But, I always wind up with the best self-confidence in August (perhaps all the running, and some sun) and thats when I break out the stuff I hesitated on. Sometimes I’ll actually shop for things and think, “yeah, I could wear that in August, but not now.”

    I just got an ipad, also. Flipboard is pretty cool for reading blogs and is OK if you like to look at the runway pictures. I’d love to hear what you like, too.

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