Lessons in Length

I am back to mixing patterns again.  When I was shopping with a client on Thursday, I  spotted these shorts at GAP.  I couldn’t resist their retro feel, and made them mine immediately.  I sized up hoping to get a bit more length out of them, but honestly, they are still too short for everyday wear and I am going to make them beach-cover-up-shorts.  I was confirmed by this thought when I was out picking up pieces for a news segment Friday.  I overheard some women talking about how short my shorts were.  I didn’t feel fully comfortable in shorts this length, and should only wear items I am fully comfortable wearing.  I attempted to detract from the shortness by wearing a long sleeved top and flat sandals, but in the end, they are still a bit too short for my liking.  So, to the pile of beach wear they go.   Have you ever worn something you weren’t fully comfortable with?

   Zara top, GAP shorts, Newport News sandals.



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16 responses to “Lessons in Length

  1. I do think you should only wear what you’re comfortable in, but I think those women were being needlessly nasty: For one thing, it’s none of their business how short your shorts are and for another, I think you look absolutely fine and completely appropriate.

  2. Desert Flower

    You’re young, gorgeous and you have great legs. The shorts are perfect. I think maybe you overheard a little jealousy.

  3. You have the legs for shorts, and these are far from scandalous, but I agree if you are mentally uncomfortable in them then you shouldn’t wear ’em. I’ve had too many bad-clothing decisions where I try something on in the fitting room, thinking I’m going to change my whole style (and personality) and then when I get home I realize that I’m too uncomfortable in it, and never wear it.

  4. I agree it’s all about personal comfort level, but I think these shorts look great on you. All the rest of us are just jealous of your long legs 🙂

  5. If I had legs like yours I’d be in shorts all the time!

  6. I think you look great in these shorts and that they don’t look that short. Of course, being comfortable is a very important key to pulling off an outfit, so if you aren’t 100% about them in everyday life, find another occasion to wear them.

    I tried on some shorts at the J. Crew outlet this weekend and had the same issue about thinking they were too short. I think I’ll stick to the 9″ length instead of 3″.

    • I just need one more inch to be comfortable. Just an inch!

      PS Saw you in Instyle!

      • amy

        Hey girly– I’m a little late to this convo, but I agree with the other comments here, that they are perfectly appropriate. That said, the bottom line is that you feel comfortable in them. Is there any fabric allowance if you take out the hem? I’ve done that before for skirts or dresses that I felt were a tad too short. Costs about $15 at the tailors and worth every penny!

  7. Teresa

    Take it from someone who is older, and always worried about what others think….Those shorts are not too short for you. I am a mom who would not let her daughter wear them if they were.
    Wear them…but only if you did not feel uncomfortable in them before you heard the chatter of those who need to keep their lips zipped!!
    Choose where you think they will fit the occasion.

  8. These are not even that short – I agree that the magpies in the background were just jealous. But, I do understand not quite feeling comfortable in an item and I think you do need to be comfortable. I think these are great shorts and will be perfect for the beach where you will undoubtably be quite comfortable in them.

  9. Mamavalveeta03

    I think we’re all on the same wavelength: Wear what makes you feel comfortable. But then again, sometimes we have to step out of our comfort zone to see ourselves in a new way. Wear them to the beach or at home! (but you DO look adorable and have great legs from all of that running!)

  10. Good lord, women can be such bitches sometimes! First of all, those shorts look awesome on you. They are certainly not too short, and the fact that they aren’t skintight and showing your butt crack makes them even more appropriate. If you don’t feel comfortable in them then by all means make them a cute cover up. But don’t let catty women make you feel like you shouldn’t be comfortable in them. They are cute, fun and perfect for summer!

  11. I don’t think those are too short, seeing that they’re shorts. They probably just look short on you because you’re so tall, but I think the length is fine. The pattern is awesome on them though!

    And what rude ladies to be talking about your shorts length when you could hear them?! 😦

  12. those shorts! those are amazing!!!

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