DVF Tunic

It is getting closer to the time when I put my jeans away for good due to the good ‘ol Texas heat.  This usually happens sometime during May, but if I am lucky, I can get a jeans day in early June.  Since May is right around the corner, I wore my white jeans yesterday with my DVF tunic.  This tunic has gotten a lot of use and was worth every penny.  I have worn in as a dress and tunic in the fall, winter, and now spring.  You know you have a great piece when you can wear it multiple ways and all year long.

J Brand jeans, DVF tunic, Nine West gladiators, Tory Burch cross body bag, Stella and Dot earrings.


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5 responses to “DVF Tunic

  1. mamavalveeta03

    I love this outfit on you! It is so classy and chic. I have trouble with belts. Mainly because I don’t really have a waist; I’m not thin, nor boy-shaped, but on the “svelte” side. Do you think I should or shouldn’t try belts, and if so, what thickness?? Thanks, Sydney!

  2. I have trouble with belts too because I have no waist definition and I’m short-waisted anyway!!! I usually wear whatever I want, but think a nice mid-size belt in the right spot makes it look like I have some semblance of curve in that area.

    I love your tunic!! It is such a pretty shade and it definitely looks versatile because I immediately thought you could work a body-skimming dress underneath it for summer with sandals.

    P.S. Just how many pairs of J Brands do you own? I’m really curious, lol. I think I have 4 of them.

    • I have seven pairs. I love them! I haven’t paid full price since my first pair, though.

      I am looking forward to wearing it as a dress. I did in the winter with tights, but am hoping it looks ok bare legged.

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