Currently, I am obsessed with vintage skirts.  My collection of vintage skirts is growing rapidly and taking over my closet.  This pink one was picked up at Gucci Goodwill and only needed  minor alterations.  If I were able to sew, I could have easily fixed it myself, but alas, I had to take it to the tailor.  A goal of mine is to be able to sew simple items.  I picked up 3 new skirts the other day from another Goodwill and am going to give it a go on them.

Yesterday I had a day filled with meetings with clients and then a truffle class with girlfriends.  Somehow, my outfit stayed chocolate-free.  If you have ever eaten with me in person, you would know this is a feat in itself.

Vintage skirt, Banana Republic top, Forever 21 necklace, Aldo shoes.



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12 responses to “Lady-Like

  1. Tina

    The skirt is faboulous and you look lovely as always. Your colour combinations are to die for!

  2. I’ve loved seeing your color blocking and vintage skirts that I went to my Goodwill yesterday to hunt down a hot pink skirt like yours—and I found one! Along with a red straight skirt and a full navy skirt. Prepare to see some of your looks copied by me!

  3. This outfit is so cute!!! I’ve been lazy about going to the thrift store although I’ve been dying for some new colorful blazers and skirts, but you are making me want to head out to mine today. That skirt is a perfect find for spring.

    I took a class on how to mend by hand, yet the only thing I’ve done since then is sew a button back on. You could probably save plenty of money by learning the simple stuff. I just don’t have space for a sewing machine, otherwise I would definitely be working on some simple creations and tailoring.

    • I know! I have taken 2 sewing classes, made a pillow, pj pants, and a couple other odds and ends, but I am nervous about doing it on my own with clothes I want to wear outside the house. How said! I think it is time to just give it a go and try!

  4. I think I might be obsessed with vintage skirts too – it seems that’s all I’ve been thrifting lately. I am quite jealous of yours though – I’ve been wanting a pink pencil skirt for a long time and this one is just perfect. I love it paired with the turquoise top too.

  5. I hope that store renames itself the Gucci Goodwill. I was talking about all the good stuff you get, and M said, “Where does she get it from?” I said, “This place called Gucci Goodwill!” I need one of those. Mine is like the Nordstrom Goodwill on a good day.

    • Nordstrom Goodwill is pretty darn good! They should rename themselves. It is funny, when I am in there, the girl always says, “We have the best brands: J. Crew, Ann Taylor, Gap”. Um, you all have TONS of great brands. Those big house brands are usually more expensive than more expensive brands.

      I will say I have been disappointed lately because if something comes in with a tag on it, they mark the price up. That doesn’t seem fair, does it?

  6. Sarah

    I loove this. It’s such a professional look with a touch of femininity. I’ve been taking a lot of heat at work for my belted sweaters and necklaces that could take someone down. But I love all of it 🙂

    • I think everyone should top their outfit with a necklace that can take someone down! They are so fun! I think the belted sweaters/tops/jackets/blazers is a weird thing for some people. A belt is supposed to hold pants up, and now we are putting them around our sweaters/tops/jackets/blazers and they are for decoration? I love them, but I get why people don’t understand them. Rock them anyway!!!! I am sure you look fabulous!

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