Grey Again

On Saturday I took a client shopping for a new spring wardrobe.  We started off at Talbots.  I was shocked at how much I liked.  Yes,  many of their pieces were classic and some were too old for my taste, but many of their pieces seemed fresh and hinted at trends without being a slave to them.  They had gorgeous silk t-shirts, fabulous paper bag waist shorts, printed pencil skirts, and great wide-leg pants.  Many of these items are perfect for those that have to go to an office, but want to show off their personality.

I wore my striped jacket again.  This blue and white striped jacket was a great buy.  I have worn in several times on the blog, and even more off.  I know I have picked up a great piece when I want to wear it constantly.  What piece are you wearing over and over again?

Target dress, Forever 21 jacket, Urban Outfitters shoes, Old Navy belt, Stella and Dot necklaces.



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9 responses to “Grey Again

  1. I’m glad you are getting so much use out of your blazer, don’t you love when you find a great piece like that?

    Love the outfit!!! Grey with blue, yellow and orange in one outfit is just genius because they would all work well separately, but I love it all together. Don’t mind too much if I copy this look (after I find a grey dress though). 🙂

  2. I’ve been surprised at Talbots clothes too lately. I agree that some is a little staid, but a lot of it really is pretty youthful and some of their colors are just fabulous.

  3. I’m loving the blazer on you. Surprisingly, Talbots does have nice things…I used to think it was too mature, but now, I’ve changed my mind. LOL. =)

  4. How do you shop with your clients and not end up with breaking the bank on yourself? I would not be able to control myself! 🙂

  5. love this striped jacket! thanks for the inspiration. i have a similar one i got from the Loft. you make me wanna wear mine!!! love the little colorful accessories too!

    Claire @

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