Mixing Patterns: Black and White

I am new to mixing patterns; the first time I mixed patterns was a couple weeks ago seen here.   I gave it a go again yesterday. Using stripes  as one of the patterns and sticking to black and white makes the whole mixing patterns thing much easier. It is like pattern mixing for dummies. Which I need!   And, for a new trend like pattern mixing, I am enjoying easing into this trend with easy combos.  I am not ready for  some of the crazier mixes I have seen.

Yesterday I  shopped with a new client.  One of the best things about shopping with clients is helping them see themselves as others see them.  So many of us look in the mirror and see only the negative.  I get to help women see the good qualities, try new things, and ultimately help them to see what I see: they are gorgeous women with fabulous bodies.

Zara top, Anthro skirt, Urban Outfitters shoes, The Limited belt, self-made pearls/chains necklace.



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5 responses to “Mixing Patterns: Black and White

  1. Pattern mixing success!

  2. You look so chic and fab! I am such a huge fan of your blog!

  3. Sonja

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner! You look great!

  4. Love this pattern mixing! Great idea to mix black and white patterns.

  5. Great outfit! I love the pattern mixing. Just getting into it myself. 🙂

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