Trend: Red-Orange

I have been loving the red-orange that has been popping up everywhere.  I did not have any red-orange in my wardrobe, and wanted to go the cheap route before I splurged (when it goes on sale!) on something like this.  Like I have said before, I go cheap with a new trend to make sure I will wear it a lot before I invest in something.  It is a good rule to follow.

So, where do I go for my trend-for-less-clothes? Goodwill!  Hooray!  And this time, Land’s End Canvas.  They send you thank you notes  handwritten thank you notes.  How great is that?

Did you know that kids give the best compliments?  Well, they do.  An 8 -year-old told me, “Your outfit is so bright.  I like it.”  It was a great compliment.

I am wearing a thirfted silk top, Land’s End Canvas cardigan, J Brand skinnies, Anthro shoes, Kendra Scott earrings.

Then I wore orange again.

Thrifted (Gucci Goodwill!!) silk top, Forever 21 jacket, J Brand jeans, Aldo shoes.


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10 responses to “Trend: Red-Orange

  1. Nice and bright, just how I like it!! I love the silk top you found in the thrift store and how you paired your new cardigan with teal. I always like orange with blues.
    I received a note after a LE purchase and I thought that was the best thing ever. The only other time I’ve received a hand-written note is after a purchase at Saks or Neiman’s before, so they scored big points for that in my book.

  2. I keep kicking myself for not getting that blazer…BUT BUT BUT I got a longer b/w striped blazer from modcloth clearance sales…will be wearing it soon! I really love how you’ve remixed this blazer so many times.

  3. Mamavalveeta03

    So did I!! And all I bought was a scarf! (that cute khaki/white stripe one with orange across the ends) You chose my favorite colors and stripes!! I’m nutsy about my stripes. I’ve got to get more daring with my color choices. Grechen is trying to get me into “maxi skirts” and you, into “color”!!

  4. The first pair of jeans look REALLY great on you! Love the look.

  5. I love both of these looks. I am a huge fan of red-orange – I wore a vintage skirt in that color yesterday, in fact – and I love the pairings you’ve done here. I can’t wait to try my red orange with a deep teal and with black and white.

  6. You always look good. That jacket is a new revelation every time. Honestly, you have one of the best styles out there… trueeee story!

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