Crave or Save

I have wanted a leather jacket for quite sometime.  I saw this Vince jacket at a boutique not too long ago.  It. Is. Gorgeous.  It is also over 1,000 dollars.  Yikes.


Too rich for my blood.  I actually think the eventual cost per wear would be really low, but I am not dropping that money on a jacket.  A bag, yes.  A jacket, no.  Enter, the GAP.

This one is under 300 dollars, and with the 35 percent off coupon I have, it would bring it down to under 200 dollars.

I will be saving on this one.  What do you think of these two jackets?



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5 responses to “Crave or Save

  1. just discovered your adorable / trendy blog .
    i’m inspired by your looks . i can totally picture myself in your outfits !

    love for you to stop by:


  2. I literally was in TJMaxx the other day and they had a whole display of leather jackets like these!!!! You should check you your local TJMaxx! They were $129.00 there !

    Love the look! Good luck leather jacket hunting!

  3. Desert Flower

    I have the BB Dakota Cartersville jacket in taupe, very similar to both of these except there is no knit contrast front. It’s available all over and marked down most places. Highly recommend, it looks great open and closed.

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