Trend: Midi Skirt

I have been wanting to a midi length skirt for quite sometime, but it is not something I think I will wear for long, so I knew I didn’t want to spend a lot of money.  Enter Gucci Goodwill.  Are you interested in this trend?

Thrifted skirt, Forever 21 top, Old Navy sandals, J Crew/Forever 21 necklaces.



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13 responses to “Trend: Midi Skirt

  1. Nice skirt! I’m with you. Vintage is the way to go! 🙂


  2. I love the idea of midi-skirts, and given my height I know I should be able to pull it off, but it took me forever to find one I liked. Like you, I went the thrifted route just in case I couldn’t pull it off, and I think that was a good choice for me. I wore one once during the winter and have one I’d like to try for this spring/summer but I’m still not entirely confident in my ability to wear them, so I love seeing you in one . It helps give me ideas for mine.

    And that was a lot of talking. So, yes, I am interested in this trend and I like how you’ve styled yours (good inspiration).

  3. Mamavalveeta03

    I, too, am tall (5’10”) and so I embrace this trend whole-heartedly. I’m also “older than dirt” and so the idea of wearing a mini makes me physically ill. I was shopping at the MOA (Mall of America) today and found a couple of cute ones at Urban Outfitters and H &M. (I know, young chick stores!!) Didn’t buy, tho, not quite ready to make up my mind.

  4. You look lovely in the mid-length skirt! I went thrifting for my skirts, too. It’s amazing all the “old” stuff you can find that’s right on trend now.

  5. Love this skirt, girl! Great styling too… such an effortless look!


  6. I’m not sure if I’ll be partaking in the trend only because of my height. If I find some sexy super high heels maybe.

    I love the skirt you found and you seriously have me wanting to take a trip down to TX just so we can go shopping at this fabulous Gucci Goodwill!!

  7. Desert Flower

    Oh yes, I am all over this! I just ordered the silk canyon skirt from Madewell, as well as a very similar F21 version in black. I’ll wear them with fitted tops and heels. The F21 in particular will be great for Arizona summers. Either will work with tights and boots once fall rolls around. I think the silhouette is what matters with these skirts. Nothing bulky on top, and heels will be better than flats for most.

  8. Pretty! I’m also into this trend… but I haven’t found a skirt that I liked yet (which means, a cheap one). I didn’t think of thrifting it, what a great idea! Salvation Army, here I come 🙂

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