No Makeup

Tuesday I was in quite a rush. I ran outside and took pictures with my face down because I hadn’t put makeup on yet, and then ran out of the house without applying makeup and (accidentally) without my makeup bag.  While I don’t wear a lot of makeup, realizing I was out and about without any, felt a little like showing up to a party waaaaaaaaaaay under-dressed.  I did not like it.

I like to hide behind a bit of makeup: concealer and blush.  These two things make me feel better.  As the day wore on, I kind of forgot about it and realized it wasn’t so bad.  That is, until I got home.  And looked in the mirror.  Yikes.  Note to self:  make time for makeup.  Always.  Have you ever done this?  How did you feel?

I am wearing an 81 Poppies top, JBrand skinnies, Urban Outfitters shoes that said they were coral, but obviously are orange, and Kenneth Jay Lane earrings.



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10 responses to “No Makeup

  1. Mamavalveeta03

    I love the combo of orange and grey. Perfect “pop” of color! (Weird little aside: I’m still wearing my “darko sandal/bootie” for my foot that had surgery, but I have to get my little dose of fashion in there. So, I had an orange pedi and I wear my orange ballet flat on my right foot and my sandal with my orange toenails on the left! It’s quite a converation piece!!)

  2. I love orange, so I have no complaints about those shoes – they look fabulous.

    I apparently ran out of the house without makeup today as well – but I didn’t even notice until I read your post and couldn’t remember putting any on today!

  3. Gorgeous blouse! I love how you make simple so very elegant!
    Whenever I run an errand without makeup I feel as if everyone is staring at me like I’m some sort of deformed monster. I know it’s all in my head…well, at least I hope it is!

  4. Seriously, I need my makeup! I will be late before skipping makeup! (But I bet you were gorgeous anyway!)

  5. Perfect drapey blouse…shot of bold brights to anchor the look…Love this ensemble! Simple, but super chic! Thanks for sharing!


    Haute Khuuture Blog

  6. great pop of color with those shoes and that gray top is fabulous! i fluctuate, sometimes i’m all about my make-up and then i get lazy and won’t wear it for months. the worst though is when i’m not wearing make up and people say “you look tired.” uh…thanks?

  7. love the combo with the bright shoe! I did this on wednesday for a trunk show. I wore the grey 81 Poppies dress with a bright yellow shoe! So fun!

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