Best. Email. Ever.

I had this little lovely in my email box today:


Dear Basic Cravings,


I found your pink flash drive out side of the Dollar Store at Shallowford road. WE checked it to see who’s it was and it had a pictures of you (i guess) in cloths and a bannerr with the words basic cravings on it. We googled the term and found your wordpress which led us to your e-mail. Is there an address you would like me to send it back to you at?


This makes me wonder many things:


1.  I do love a Dollar Store and have been known to buy many things there.  My family can testify to this and they   make fun of me for it.  Does Andrew know this?  Am I that obvious?  I mean, everything is a dollar.  What is not to like?

2.  Where can I get a pink flash drive?  Do other bloggers have this uber-cool pink flash drive and I am just sitting here with my boring flash drive?

3.  I have been misspelling clothes.  And banner.  Oh, and misusing whose.  It is apparently who’s.  Just in case you are wondering.

All in all, this email made my day.  Just thought I would share.




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3 responses to “Best. Email. Ever.

  1. I’m surprised he forgot to mention that he is also a Nigerian prince who has a hefty sum of money he’d like to leave to you in his will

  2. Oh I’m so confused, why would a spammer be so specific on where he found the flash drive? maybe it’s a stalker… OR… Maybe someone is saving all your images wearing cloths and bannerrrrr onto a pink flash drive and leaving it at the dollar store?

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