Dressing for the Occasion

I wore this outfit yesterday to a client’s home.  We cleaned out her closet, and made her some new outfits.  I think this outfit was also about dressing in a particular way for my client.  I knew she was older and a bit more conservative, so while I still dressed like me, I didn’t want to go over the top with colors, patterns, or anything that would make her think I was going to go crazy in her closet and force her to dress like me.

We all(or if you don’t do this you should) dress for the appropriate occasion.  When I work with children, my hemlines are longer.  When I am shopping with clients, I usually wear what I want.  I even find myself dressing for particular clients.  If I know they are nervous about the whole personal shopper/wardrobe consultant/ stylist bit, I make sure to wear something fairly accessible.  I want to put them at ease, not make them think I am going to force them to look like a pattern-mixing-crazy-color-wearing person.  If I know they are more daring, then I am usually a bit more daring too.

Do you dress differently for different occasions?

Gap tunic, thrifted vintage skirt, Calvin Klein shoes,  Stella and Dot jewelry.

This is what I wore on Monday while working with children.  Not sure why I am walking with my head down in both pictures.

Cynthia Steffe top (Gucci Goodwill), J Brand jeans, Calvin Klein shoes, Stella and Dot jewelry.



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4 responses to “Dressing for the Occasion

  1. I love the color of your pencil skirt and your pointy-toe shoes. Let’s team up and bring back pointy toes for everyone!

    I also dress differently depending on the occasion. I teach, so my outfits to school are more conservative (pants + blouses, longer dresses/skirts, cardigans) and my weekend outfits are more expressive of my personal style. I think it’s important to be stylish, but in some cases, you have to be appropriate for the place or audience.

  2. Mamavalveeta03

    @Linda I love pointy toed shoes, too! They’re so flattering to the leg.
    I definitely dress “occasion appropriate”–for work as a makeup artist, it has to be black and edgy. At home…pj’s rule!! When I have a day-off, it’s yoga pants and a tee, ballet flats, jewelry and minimal makeup. I don’t go out much at night, but when I do, I like to dress up a little bit more –pretty much as I would for church, just sexier necklines and more bling!
    Isn’t it FUN being a girl?!?!?

  3. love the pencil skirt!! I’m in the market for a hot pink skirt just like that. Now the question is do I shell out for jcrew or do I go thrifting? (maybe that was a rhetorical question!) ;o)

  4. Absolutely! Every occasion calls for different wear! I also dress for the weather and for the amount of walking I’ll be doing that day (vs. sitting at my desk). I’ve been trying to dress more intentionally just for whenever, too…it’s been pretty fun so far, but I’m running out of casual clothes. 😛

    I love that skirt! And the shoes! And the black blouse (so pretty and elegant).

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