Crazy Color Lady

I keep switching between wearing lots of colors and then all neutrals.  While I am loving spring colors and bold color pairings, I don’t think I could wear them every day. One day I am the crazy color lady, and the next I am nothing but neutrals lady.  I also realize how much I don’t have one particular way of dressing.  Yes, I like color, bold necklaces, and fun pairings, but sometimes I also like all black or all neutrals.  My style is ever changing and ever growing.  That is the nice thing about style, isn’t it?    Do you shift between styles?

I wore this Tuesday when I had a meeting with a client to make SXSW outfits for her.  We incorporated the new purchases with what was already in her closet and made her about 20 outfits, complete with accessories and pictures.

Target dress, Old Navy sweater, The Limited belt, Urban Outfitters shoes.



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8 responses to “Crazy Color Lady

  1. This is a perfect mix of neutral and color. Is that dress recent? I think that would be a great addition to my wardrobe!!

  2. Mamavalveeta03

    I’m lovin’ that chest of drawers next to you!!! I switch between styles very often. One day I’m boho hippie Val and the next, JCrew preppy Val. Maybe this means I’m sort of crazy, but I think it just means that I like to have fun with fashion and don’t want one label.

  3. sara

    I love those bright blue shoes with the yellow cardigan and the orangey belt! They play off the neutrals so well. And I think I’m very much like you – I go between enjoying lots of neutrals to loving color. I’ve noticed I dress more colorfully in warmer weather, though.

  4. My style of dress is all over the place depending on the day of the week. I do love color, but sometimes I’ll just wear all black or black and grey. But, like Sara, I do tend to wear more color in warmer weather.

  5. I seriously want this entire outfit. Right. Now. 🙂

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