To Save or Splurge?



Maritime-stripe blazer

I am actually saving this time since I tried on the J. Crew jacket in store and wasn’t blown away by the quality.  What would you do?



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7 responses to “To Save or Splurge?

  1. I was eyeing that Forever 21 blazer the other day, but decided to add it to my wishlist instead of buying.

    I think this is something that you would wear often and if it was some kind of material like wool or cashmere or something high maintenance, I would say splurge. Considering this is jersey, I think you would do fine with the F21 version. You could even buy a back up and still have some extra change in your pocket.

  2. Definitely save. Stripes are cool, but it’s a memorable piece and if you wore it every day (or a couple times a week) you might feel like you are in a uniform. And, at least in these photos, I like the cut and proportions of the F21 better.

  3. Mamavalveeta03

    Save. Rule #1: Be blown away by clothing item before you make a purchase!
    (and they are VERY similar!)

  4. Desert Flower

    This is a perfect example of when a pricey piece of clothing doesn’t pass the F21 test. I think the J. Crew was meh, and I didn’t much care for it. The F21 is actually a better fit, and much less expensive. Good choice! Can’t wait to see it show up in an OOTD.

  5. k

    Thanks for the tips on the F21 blazer – I hadn’t actually seen it before but have been ogling the J.Crew one for awhile now. Good to hear a few comments that it may not be as good as it seems (me not having a nearby store so I’m just going by online pics)

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