Saturday Shopping

Saturday I took a client and friend shopping for her 30th birthday look.  She also decided that for her birthday she wanted to treat herself to  first pair of Louboutins.  What a fabulous gift!  We decided on this pair because it was classic.  Who wants to drop all that money on something you won’t wear all time time?

Christian Louboutin-christian louboutin prorata curvedheel platform pump

If she wears them once a week for a year, the cost is around 2 dollars a wear.  And that is just for one year.  I wear my nude shoes ALL the time, so honestly, wearing them once a week is totally realistic.  Especially a shoe like this that can be worn day or night.   We also picked out this dress for her:

Parker Strapless Dress

What did I wear?  Mustard, of course!

Target t-shirt, Anthro skirt and shoes, Rachel Leigh necklace.



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2 responses to “Saturday Shopping

  1. I was just trying on Louboutins on Monday at the mall. That is the exact style that I would splurge for and I wanted to get a feel for the size. They are certainly a classic, comfortable and she will get plenty of wear out of them. Fabulous birthday gift!!

    Umm, I hope this isn’t weird, but can I highjack your skirt, lol. I love the draping. Is that a recent Anthro purchase?

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