Inspired: High Street Cardigans

As I was getting dressed yesterday, I remembered this image by Ana from High Street Cardigans.

Pretty great, huh?  Well, I didn’t have a pink skirt, but I did have my new thrifted pink blazer.  And there you have it.  And now I want yellow shoes.

Ralph Lauren blazer from Gucci Goodwill, Zara top, self-made necklace, J Brand jeans, Calvin Klein shoes.  


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9 responses to “Inspired: High Street Cardigans

  1. great outfit! I’m in love with hot pink this spring as well. Need to get myself a silk top!

  2. I like your recreation!!! I saw this pic and thought to myself that I need to recreate it, lol.
    I have the skirt, but need to find the striped top (planning to buy one from J. Crew this evening). I have yellow shoes, but am not crazy about them.

    P.S. This might be a good one :

    I’m thinking of picking these up too!!

  3. This outfit looks so fresh. Good score on the blazer! Funny, the inspiration photo is like a switch of your recent black/white striped skirt and pink top photo. Maybe I can do this…now, let me see if I have anything PINK…hhmmm.

  4. Pretty outfit. Can’t believe you thrifted this beautiful blazer!
    I would love to have yellow shoes as well! 😉

  5. Mamavalveeta03

    I love the idea of mixing up my colors more. For instance, this was a color combo I never would have thought to try, but it works GREAT! I think it’s time for me to step outside of my comfort zone…

  6. What a great color combo–I love your interpretation of it! I had a hot pink blazer in college that really was quite the closet workhorse, but for some reason I got rid of it along the way. So sad. This outfit rocks!

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