The internet has been a buzz over BLDN for days now.  Even though I am not looking for a wedding dress, their site is filled with shoes, accessories, and dresses for those not looking to walk down the aisle.  I am in love with their shoes.  Especially this shoe.

Be still, my heart.  Will you be my valentine?



Filed under Closet Cravings

7 responses to “Perfection

  1. Lol, those are pretty adorable. Are you going to get them? They would fit into your new add more color mantra.
    I haven’t looked at the website yet, but I know I’ll be swooning over a million things.

  2. I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally want them. I told my husband. His reply was, “Want. Want. Want.” I think I tell him too often about my clothing desires.

  3. Mamavalveeta03

    Happy Valentine’s Day, Sydney! Thanks for a wonderful Blog!!!

  4. These. Shoes. Are. AMAZING.

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