When Nervous….

Apparently when I am nervous I blink a lot, sound a bit like a sorority girl, and talk with my hands.  If you are interested in viewing this, you can click  here to watch the video.

In other news, I wore this yesterday.  We only feature the hardest hitting news here.  And apparently wear the same dress as from the video.

Gap blazer, Steve Madden boots, and Tory Burch dress.



Filed under Client Cravings, Closet Cravings

3 responses to “When Nervous….

  1. congrats on the video!! you look fabulous and the camera loves you :o)

  2. Whoo hoo! You do not look or sound nervous (or like a sorority girl) at all! You came off as knowledgeable and likable and overall perfect. Congrats!

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