Gucci Goodwill

I used to exclusively shop at vintage stores.  All through high school I only wore second hand clothing.  In my home town we had this “store” (it was really a warehouse) called Ropa Usada where we could dig for clothes, literally, and buy them for 30 cents a pound.  It was wonderful.  I could sit upon piles and piles of clothing, dig for hours, and walk away with so many gems for under 4 dollars.  Some might think this is gross, but it never bothered me.  I found it to be exciting!

When I left my hometown I stopped buying used clothes because I found normal vintage shops and places like Goodwill to be waaaaaaaaay overpriced.  When you are used to paying 30 cents a pound for clothes, Goodwill prices seem steep.  Over the past couple of years, I have been going vintage again.  My newest discovery is what I am calling Gucci Goodwill.  This Goodwill is the BEST one I have ever been to.  Today, I saw an Oscar de La Renta suit for 12 dollars, but alas, it didn’t fit.  What DID fit was a Trina Turk dress, a DKNY skirt, a Ralph Lauren jacket, a Yoana Baraschi dress,  several vintage tops, and a couple other dresses and skirts.

Here is a sampling of my haul.

The best part?  Most of the items are bold colors, which is exactly what I wanted for my spring wardrobe.



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16 responses to “Gucci Goodwill

  1. so awesome! I love thrifting–we must go together soon :o) Those skirts look particularly amazing!

  2. It is so great that you were able to find some items on your spring wishlist for a bargain. Isn’t that the best?

    I go thrifting every once in awhile, but haven’t found my Gucci Goodwill. 🙂
    I’m going to find it one day because I really want to hunt for awesome vintage jewelry.

  3. When I was in my early 20s I lived in Holland for a couple of years and I used to visit with my girlfriends a salvation army shop and I would go home with a bag ful of great stuff,totally crazy clothes for nothing!!!I was in clothes heaven!

  4. Ropa usada sounds awesome! You’re right about Goodwill $$$, in fact, the Lake Austin one which I love actually referred to itself as the Gucci Goodwill.

  5. Oooh I love thrifting, too! My go-to store is the Savers on Burnet, but mostly because I always find a Banana Republic of J. Crew gem there. Never designers. Let’s go thrifting together some time!

  6. I’m so jealous! What great Goodwill finds!

  7. I have shopped Goodwill’s in various places. The one closest to me has recently been remodeled…and I spent twice as much. The best ones I’ve found were in Tulsa. Good quality clothing in good condition, pressed, sorted by color and size! Thanks for stopping by Rags!


    The college I went to was near tons of Ropa Usadas so my best friend and I use to go to the to them during our class breaks. We also used to make regular weekend trips. We did the exact same thing as you, sit on the piles and DIG!! lol I miss those stores! I haven’t found my gucci goodwill yet but now I must check out the one you are going to.

  9. gucci goodwill?? take me please!

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