Spring List Expands

I feel like my spring shopping list keeps expanding.  It just keeps growing and growing.  This beauty is the latest addition.

Maritime-stripe blazer



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10 responses to “Spring List Expands

  1. Stripes for spring, I’m so ready! Today is entirely too cold to believe it will be here soon.

    Btw-how do you feel about white jeans in the spring? Are they ok, ever? I have a navy blue and white striped turtleneck I can’t seem to pair with anything except white on bottom. Any advice appreciated!

    • I 100 percent think you can wear white jeans in the spring. In Texas, in my opinion, it is too hot for jeans past the first couple weeks of June, so I start wearing my white jeans around late March/start of April. I think you can wear white jeans right now as long as you pair them with wintry clothing. A turtleneck and boots sounds like a great winter pairing.

      How about pairing your turtleneck with a colored skirt? Do you have a yellow, red, or other bold colored skirt? I love a striped shirt with a colored skirt!

  2. Oh you got that blazer!!! It seems like a you piece. 🙂
    I can’t wait to see how you wear it because I know you’ll have fabulous jewelry to go with it and a pair of new red shoes that could totally work for 4th of July.

  3. mamavalveeta03

    That blazer is adorable, but I’m horizontally challenged, so it wouldn’t work for me!! (but I still love my stripes–just under something!!)

  4. I want that blazer, too. Someone tell Jenna Lyons to STOP MAKING SO MANY CUTE THINGS! Unless she wants to send me a birthday package. Then it would be okay.

  5. Thanks, you guys. I will wear them soon, then. I thought about pairing the navy and white striped top with a red skirt, but am always a bit hesitant about looking too patriotic:)

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