For the Love of J Brand

It is no shock that I love my J Brand jeans.  They are clean, comfortable, and timeless.  I wear my skinnies all the time, but love my wide-leg jeans just as much.  This weekend, however, I lived in my skinny jeans.


I am wearing J Brand jeans, Calvin Klein shoes, an Anthro top,  and Zara jacket.

I am wearing J Brand jeans, Calvin Klein shoes, an Anthro top and jacket, and a Stella and Dot necklace.


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7 responses to “For the Love of J Brand

  1. I like how basic your outfit is and how special the necklace makes it!

  2. amy

    You know, I once found a pair of J Brand jeans on clearance at Luxe Apothetique. They were only $30 and my size! I was beside myself with happiness. I had never tried them before, so I was thrilled. But sadly, they just didn’t fit properly. The cut was completely off. So I made a grown-up decision and walked away from the ill-fitting jeans. There was a day when just because of the price and the brand, I would’ve bought them anyway and said, “well, it’s still worth it, even if they don’t fit perfectly.” and then they would’ve sat in my closet! Anyway, just had to share my J Brand jeans story. But I’m glad you love yours!

    • So glad you walked away from them! There is nothing worse than a pair of ill-fitting jeans. Every time I see a pair of Paige jeans I try them on and lust over them, but alas, they do not fit my body type. At all. We all have to find what works for us.

  3. You are not the only one who loves her J Brand jeans!!! I think I’m on my 4th pair now.

  4. I just bought my first pair of j brands last weekend! Well, actually, I didn’t have enough money to buy them, so I made my husband buy them for me for Valentines day. I can’t wait to wear them!

  5. Two pretty outfits. I really love the jacket from Anthro, the shape, the color, wow!

  6. You have the prettiest pieces in the most flattering silhouettes! Classic, lady. And classy. 🙂

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