Shoe Cravings

I mentioned before that I want to add bright colored shoes to my collection for spring.  And I do.  But I am also going to add these nude wedges from Nine West to my list.  I love a nude shoe.  I have a kitten heel, a peep toe, a casual wedge, a gladiator shoe, a chunky heel, and several flip flop pairs. Yet I need more?  A nude shoe is necessary in a woman’s wardrobe.  It elongates the leg and gives the illusion that it goes on forever.  And, it goes with every thing.  And like I said before, when I say nude, I mean a color that matches your skin tone.  Since I am able to double for Casper, this nude is perfect for me.



These two from Urban Outfitters are on my list, too.







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3 responses to “Shoe Cravings

  1. I have that last pair on my want list too. I like it in orange!!

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