A Little DVF

I think every woman should have a little DVF in her life.  While DVF is on the pricier side, it is worth every penny.   I have had this dress for several seasons now and I picked it up on major sale.  I have three DVF pieces, but I have yet to buy the iconic wrap dress.  I can’t decide between a bold print or a neutral.

This striped one is great.

But so is this orange one.

Then again, you can’t go wrong with something classic.

Yesterday, I wore one of my DVF dresses, with Franco Sarto boots, an Old Navy cardigan, a random ribbon belt, and tights


Do you have a DVF dress in your life?



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7 responses to “A Little DVF

  1. I do have a few DVFS but I never wear them! I love that orange dress!

  2. No I don’t but I bought a shirt dress recently and I got inspired by you to style it! Thanks!

  3. Sadly, I do not have a DvF dress in my wardrobe. Like you, I can’t wait to add a classic wrap dress to the closet one day (preferably at a ridiculously low price).
    I do have a DvF skirt and have been eyeballing another for months now (the metallic and leather bolo skirt). If a coupon code came out, then I might make it mine but that hasn’t happened yet.
    I love the print of your dress and would totally go for that orange number too.

  4. Desert Flower

    I have 5 fabulous DVFs and I wear them all. I had many more and gradually pared down to the ones I truly love. There is nothing like the ease of a dress. All mine are wraps though so I can’t style them in the lovely way you did with your dress!

  5. I don’t! How sad. 😦 But, like you, I’d be happy to own any one of these! Especially the green one!

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