Outfits my Husband Loves

My husband and I differ on what I should wear.  He would like to see me one of two ways: What he calls “surfer girl”.  This is a nicer way to say  he likes a ratty long-sleeved t-shirt and jeans.  Or, what I call “Lady of the Night”.  Which translates to  looking like I work at night.  On a corner.  For money.  Obviously, I usually dress for myself.

Unfortunately for him, I rarely wear a super casual t-shirt and jeans look, and I never wear an outfit that would make me some money.  But, over the past two weeks I have worn outfits that he has comment on.  Several times.  So, I thought I would share.  Oh, and he also likes my hair in a ponytail, which is probably why I wear it up so much.  I have to give him something, right?

Antro dress and sweater, Banana Republic brooch, Steve Madden boots, Gucci bag.

Old Navy sweater, old pashmina, Nine West shoes, J Brand jeans.

He loves this sweater.

So, do you dress for your mate?  Or do you dress for yourself?  I will say I give in sometimes and put on something I know he will like, but 9 times out of 10, I dress for myself.



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8 responses to “Outfits my Husband Loves

  1. love those outfits, esp the Anthro sweater! I dress grandma-chic for myself for the majority of the time and B just grins and bears it. He has however taken a liking to plaid button downs this season (maybe it reminds him of growing up on the farm?) so I’ve stocked up on some boyfriend plaid shirts to work into my ever increasing preppy wardrobe. Jcrew catalog here I come!

  2. Mamavalveeta03

    Mostly, I dress for myself, which happens to be the way that my husband loves it! Just lucky I guess…(but his favorite outfit on me is what he calls my “huggy sweatshirt”!!)

  3. That first outfit is so chic, love how you worked the neutrals!

  4. I value his opinion caused he proved right in the past .He mostly likes what I wear and he also likes me best in a tshirt and jeans!!!

  5. Guys are so funny. I definitely dress for myself. I’m out the door before the hubs is even out of bed, so he doesn’t even see what I wear until I get home from work (and on days when he works late I’m in PJs by the time he gets home, so he doesn’t see what I wore to work at all!).

  6. i have that same old navy sweater!

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