My Version of a Suit

I have never worn a suit, nor do I own a suit.  Secretly, I have always wanted to, but I have no need for one.  When I used to teach, I would wear a version of a “suit”: blazer, pants, blouse; but now that I don’t work in an office anymore, my “suit” is a blazer, jeans, and  a blouse.  Yesterday I had meetings and then a jewelry viewing.  This suit-like outfit worked for all aspects of my day.


I am wearing a Zara blazer, a top from Gilt, J Brand skinnies that I apparently wear all the time, Anthro shoes, and these earrings.

I posted about these shoes yesterday.  They were comfortable all day.  Shocking!  And, apparently dogs love them. One of my client’s dogs could NOT stop trying to eat them while on my feet.



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13 responses to “My Version of a Suit

  1. I adore those red shoes! I think red is a color that is really prominent for dogs, could’ve been why they were trying to chomp your feet. Or, maybe they also know a good shoe when they see ’em!

  2. mamavalveeta03

    Cute–and I LOVE the red shoes! In fact, I think I need some (need, not want).

  3. I love your “suit” and it’s professional while retaining your style. So many suits and uniforms that people wear don’t communicate their own voice in in the outfit. But you do it so well and you always look amazingly put together. Btw, great accessories! =)

  4. I also love your “suit”! And your shoes, wow. Pretty and comfortable? Yes please! 🙂

  5. Love your “suit”! And the shoes, wow. Pretty and comfortable? Yes please! 🙂

  6. Love this! SO perfect for casual meetings. I am definitely a fan of the jeans + blazer combo (in fact, that’s what I wore today, too).

  7. Desert Flower

    Those earrings are amazing on you.

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