My look in general is pretty simple.  I don’t like fussy clothes.  Many days when I am rushing out the door, throwing on a top, jeans, and a statement necklace is my go to outfit, but sometimes I opt  for simplicity all around.  Yesterday, the sun finally came out after hiding for 4 days.  So, I put on a simple top, simple jewelry, and headed out to enjoy the day.

I am wearing J Brand jeans, a Zara top, Calvin Klein shoes, and a heart necklace and arrow necklace.


Filed under Closet Cravings

4 responses to “Simplicity

  1. love the delicate gold jewelry!
    I’ve noticed that you have worn j brand in the past 2 posts…are they worth the extra price? I never find jeans that fit me right/that flatter me…or are comfy.

  2. I love your simple outfits! I wish I could look as great as you with such simple pieces and your necklaces are so lovely too! =)

  3. hey there! just getting caught up with the google reader…love your necklaces!

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