Land of the Lost

I keep losing things.  That mustard cardigan that I posted yesterday?  It is missing.  So are my favorite slouchy, torn jeans from the Gap.  I have searched high and low.  I feel a little bit like I am losing my mind!

On a totally different note, this weekend I plan to do a big closet overhaul.  I want my look to change a bit, so I am getting rid of all the excess baggage in my closet.  Lately I have been craving solid, highly saturated pieces, more separates, wide- leg pants instead of jeans,  and close-toed shoes.  My affinity for jewelry remains the same, although I am in need of some delicate necklaces.  Do you wake up and feel the desire to change your look?

I wore this simple, monochromatic look to get my hair done and meet with a client.

I am wearing Gap jeans, Forever 21 coat, J. Crew top, Stella and Dot necklace and brooch, and Calvin Klein shoes.



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7 responses to “Land of the Lost

  1. Totally cute outfit, especially with that coat!! I love it and love even more that you found it at F21.

    I’m in the process of trying to pare down my closet too and it has been extremely slow going. I would love to switch up my style a bit, but that would be expensive and it would have nowhere to fit in my packed closet anyway. 🙂

    • I think this coat is my favorite Forever 21 find. Ever.

      I am hoping to slowly pick up pieces. I wish I could afford an outright overhaul!

      Sent from my phone. Please excuse any mistakes.

  2. I wake up everyday and wish for a closet overhaul. I like the punch of color this coat gives the blue. Hope you find your missing clothes, it’s just like them to disappear when you need/want them the most!

  3. Love that bee on the necklace!! Let me know if you’d like help/company doing closet cleaning ;o)

  4. I”m going through this same thing right now. I want to pare down my wardrobe and keep only simple, elegant pieces that don’t “wear me”. But, of course, I’m afraid to get rid of too much because one day I may decide I want all of those clothes back!

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