I felt very Beetlejuice-friendly in this new skirt.  I wanted to pair it with a shocking pink top, but since it was my first time to wear something so b0dy-con, I went ahead and stuck with a black and white pallet.  Next I wear this, I will be sure to add another fun color!

Yesterday was such a gross day.  It was misting all day and was utterly dreary.  Since I was with out an umbrella, my hair got wet between every meeting.  I started the day with a meeting about my marketing plan for my business.  While I own my own business, I am not the most business-savvy person around, so I was utterly grateful to a client who offered me her awesome services.  After that meeting, I headed out to a client’s home to help her make outfits from the items we bought on our last shopping excursion.  The day ended with pizza, beer, and friends I haven’t seen in a while.  That is the best way to end a day!

I am wearing a skirt/top from Forever 21, Spanx tights, Bongo booties, and a J. Crew necklace.



Filed under Client Cravings, Closet Cravings

2 responses to “Beetlejuice

  1. I haven’t had the nerve to try a bodycon anything, but you make it look great. I really love that skirt and necklace!
    And I also vote that you try it out with some color next time.

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