1st Outfit of the New Year

This is my first official outfit of 2011.  For the first two days of 2011, I was a bum and wore my robe that my husband bought me for Christmas over my lounge wear.  We spent Saturday and Sunday couch-bound, watching movies and enjoying each other’s company.  We never spend the entire weekend under house-arrest, so it was a great change of pace.

Yesterday, I had several meetings, errands that needed running, and a tutoring session.  I went for a bit of a lady-like ensemble for my venture outside my home.  I have been really into a more lady-like look lately.  I want my hem lines to be longer and my whole look a bit more demure.  Not that I am out and about it scandalous wear, but I do still wear some shorter skirts and dresses.  With my 30th birthday less than 6 months away, I have been craving a bit more mature wardrobe.

I am wearing one of my favorite Gap sweaters, J Brand skinnies, Calvin Klein nude patten leather kitten heels, and a Stella and Dot necklace.



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3 responses to “1st Outfit of the New Year

  1. love this outfit! I had the same one (but with my new cord straight pants that are being hemmed right now!) picked out in my head last night :o)

  2. I want that necklace. And all the other ones from Stella and Dot that you have. I wish I would have thought to add some to my Christmas list. 🙂

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