Christmas Gifts

So, my husband did a great job with my Christmas gift this year: boots!  I have been wanting black riding boots for quite sometime now, and my wonderful husband got some for me!  I think he was quite proud of himself, too.

He also got me a robe.  I have lived in this robe every morning.  I will spare you a shot of that.  But, here is this lovely woman wearing my robe.

Product Image

This robe is quite snuggly and cozy.  If you swing by my house before 11, there is a good chance I will be wearing it.  Just warning you.

I have been quite bad at taking pictures and blogging lately, but will be better starting today!


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5 responses to “Christmas Gifts

  1. Good job, hubby! Riding boots make me feel kinda like a badass:)

  2. Those boots are great! Did he pick them out himself? Where are they from?

    The Auspicious Life

  3. Mamavalveeta03

    Cute boots! My hubby is afraid to buy me clothes because I’m so picky! I can’t say I blame him. Oh, and the New Year’s Eve debacle was actually kind of cute. Murphy’s Law, right? It gave everyone something to remember!!

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