Skype Rocks

I just joined Skype this week.  Hello, 2010.   I am apparently 7 years late for the party since Skype was invented in 2003.  I am late to many technology parties.  For years my husband and I had a TV made of wood.  With no remote.  We finally got rid of it in 2006 before we got married.  Yes, you read that right, a TV made of wood.  Did we upgrade to a flat screen?  No, no.  But we did finally buy a flat screen in 2008.  I also still have VHS tapes that I refuse to give up.  Even though we bought a DVD player in 2007.

I had my first Skype session with a wardrobe client. Virtual consultations!  How wonderful!  Here are the reasons I like Skype:

You only have to dress the upper half of your body.  Genius!

You don’t have to shower OR brush your teeth because you are working over the internet.

You get to hear how strange your voice sounds.  It always weirds me out to hear my voice on a microphone.

You get to sound tech-savvy because you use words like Skyping.

I may seem to be dressed up here, but only the top half is fancy.  I am sporting boxer shorts and slippers with my fancy top and necklace.  If only every work day could be like this!

Do you Skype?



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3 responses to “Skype Rocks

  1. I love your outfit, even if it’s only the top half…it’s awesome! I’ve heard of Skype but I haven’t used it, though I have used Gmail Video Chat which is kind of the same thing and it takes some getting used to. I love learning about new technologies.

    Btw, I tagged you for a Seven Secrets post! =)

  2. haha this is hilarious! I used to have to skype for work all the time and i would totally do the same thing. I would wear a cute top and put make up on and then have sweatpants and slippers on! Working from home definitely has its perks!

  3. Lol, I love that you are only partially dressed. Hey, you did make the most important part look awesome with that necklace.

    Although I am not as technologically savvy and up on all of the latest gadgets as some, you are well ahead of me with the Skyping. 🙂

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