Old Reliable

Anytime I can’t find something to wear, I rely on this dress.  My husband hates this dress and calls it my grandma dress, but I don’t care.  This dress is comfortable, hides everything that needs hiding and is perfect no matter the season.

I wore this dress to shop with a client, an event with the Pink Kisses girls, and to book club/acupuncture session.  I totally chickened out when it came to the acupuncture session.  I am terrified of needles, but thought that since my friend was performing the acupuncture and it is all about healing, I would be able to partake.  I watched two of my girlfriends get acupuncture  and realized I couldn’t actually go through it.  Wimp=Me.

I am wearing a Rebecca Taylor dress, a sweater from Nordstrom, Shatobu tights, Bongo oxfords, and a self-made necklace.


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  1. never been able to do it either! been terrified of needles.

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