Picture Heavy

Warning:  This post will be picture heavy for me.  And by picture heavy, I mean like four pictures.  Grab a cup of coffee and settle in folks.  It is time to show off my point and shoot’s mediocre skills.

First off, I wore this the other day.  Things have been crazy around here and I have not had time to post my outfit pictures.  Apparently, I have been digging th equestrian look lately.  I wore this Monday to shop with a client.

I am wearing a J. Crew blazer, Martin and Osa dress, Steve Madden boots, and  Spanx tights.

I spent most of Thursday walking around lopsided.  Evidence:

Whoa.  That is my face.  Why didn’t someone tell me that  A. I was missing an earring and B. One eye lid is much heavier than the other.? Is that why I am always falling to the left?

True story: When I was younger I fell out of a grocery cart and landed on my head.  My mom always says it was because I was a bit top heavy (I had an unusually large head).  I am beginning to think this eyelid had something to do with it.  Is it ironic that Quasimodo is my favorite Disney character?  While other had posters of rock stars in their bedroom, I had a poster of Quasimodo on my wall.  And a lunch box.  In high school.  Would you have been my friend?

Are you still with me?  I styled this Old Navy LBD with a fabulous Stella and Dot necklace.  This necklace is GORGEOUS!

Happy Friday!


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12 responses to “Picture Heavy

  1. That necklace is TO DIE for. Statement necklace for the win!

  2. Lol, how did you miss an earring?? 🙂
    That Stella & Dot necklace really makes that lbd extra fabulous. I love it!!!

  3. Funny post:) I can’t believe no one told you about the earring! I love that necklace, too. Must get a statement necklace. Stat.

  4. I love your outfits, it’s always so sleek and chic!
    With close up shots, you see everything with a more exacting eye…I found out how asymmetrical my face is, like one eye bigger than the other, etc. And I love Quasimodo…I’d be your friend! =)

  5. mamavalveeta03

    That Stella and Dot necklace is beautiful and such a statement maker! I don’t think you have a big head– you should see the size of my melon!!!

  6. lol I have some days when I wake up and have a “smaller eye”, who knows what’s going on there. Love that jcrew jacket–wish I would’ve snagged one last year. Your outfits are great!

  7. OK – so I have been watching CW’s 90210, and one of the girls on the show will always wear just ONE huge earring and nothing on the other ear. Perhaps I’m not the only one who watches this show [;)] and everyone who saw you that day thought you were just following the trend!

  8. LOL! Sydney, you have me cracking up over here. Especially the part about the earring…and Quasimodo. I actually used to call my dog Quasimodo because I thought it was a funny name, much funnier than “Molly.”

    Have a great weekend!

  9. so pretty! the necklace is screaming to come home with me … or I’m the one screaming for IT. either way, love it!

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